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Here at Revelry, we go above and beyond to provide the best customer service in the industry. From your first phone call or a visit to our website, we are there for you at every step of the way. We will do anything within our power to not only ensure your cocktail tour is the best experience you can buy, but also help with your visit to our cities.

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Absinthe is one of those drinks which has a confusing and interesting (and misunderstood) history.
The History of Absinthe

Drinking a spirit isn’t just about getting sloshed. It’s about tasting something hand-crafted to open up a new part of your mind. It’s an experience.

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When you think of 'Old School' cocktails, we wouldn't blame you for thinking of the Manhattan.
The Manhattan Cocktail

September 25, 1865. Winter winds were just beginning to swirl, but not as briskly as they did out in the wilderness beyond Brooklyn, or the land rumored to exist north of Albany.

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The Sazerac is a classic, American Cocktail. Learn more about the Sazerac and it's amazing history, from Revelry Tours.
The History of Sazerac

Some of America’s food and drink staples have stories of disputed origin. Questions such as, Who is the first person to put a hot dog on a bun? How about officially calling it a hot dog in the first place?

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