After many of us have been limiting our travel and interactions for over two years, we’re ready to plan a road trip.

And Savannah, Georgia, with her picturesque Oak trees, tucked-away parks, and rooftop bars, is the perfect destination in 2022.

In fact, there are so many solid reasons to explore this historic city, the challenge isn’t in finding something to do; it’s narrowing down your options.

So we’ve curated a list of the best tour trends in Savannah in 2022, along with the bars along the way where you can stop in for unique cocktails.

Savannah Tours in 2022

As travel makes a comeback in 2022, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of tour formats. The city is easily walkable and boasts a wide range of cuisines, drinks, cultural activities and nightlife.

Here are a few of the most popular types of Savannah walking tours:
Night tours: Savannah offers stunning views at any time of day or night. An evening walking tour is an easy way to see the sights in just a couple of hours, whether you’re on a girl’s trip, family excursion, or couples getaway.
Historic home tours: Some tours that were paused at the outset of COVID-19 are now up and running again, with all the necessary safety protocols. Walk through a beautifully restored home, complete with period furniture and detailed explanations of the building’s rich history.
Cocktail tours: This trend has taken hold in Savannah, and for good reason: you can walk the streets with an open container. So feel free to grab a go-cup on your way out and sip at your own pace as you walk the tree-lined streets.
Pub crawls: There’s a flourishing micro-brewery scene in Savannah. Enjoy it to the fullest extent while hearing all about the city’s past.
Boat tours: Catch another view of the city as you sail down the river on a one or two-hour cruise. Some cruises even come with meals or an open bar if you’re feeling extra indulgent.
History tours: You don’t have to be an avid history buff to enjoy a walking tour through Savannah’s Historic district. Find yourself a great tour guide, and you’ll become completely enthralled with this city’s unique stories.

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Culture & Cocktails Combined: A Historic Cocktail Tour

If you can’t decide between touring soaking in the historic culture of Savannah, or lounging and enjoying an expertly crafted cocktail, you don’t have to: do both.

In The Generals and Generalities Cocktail Tour with Revelry Cocktail and Food Tours, you’ll hear the stories of Civil War generals who are notorious in Savannah. Your guide will touch on some of the more obscure facts that you don’t already know about that era.

Even better, you’ll visit four of the beloved bars mentioned above. You’ll take in the ambiance of some of Savannah’s most classic cocktail bars as you’re immersed in this city’s rich and vibrant history.

Or, if you’re more into horror movies than you are historic documentaries, opt for the Strangled, Not Stirred Pub Crawl. Held later in the night at 8:00pm, this tour touches on four completely different bars throughout Savannah. And the stories are all centered around Savannah’s darker side: you’ll hear all the grisly details of Savannah’s most infamous crimes and murders. (All with a drink in hand).

And since your drinks are included in your ticket price, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy a refreshing drink.

So book some tours, and make sure you put some time into planning your Savannah trip. There’s so much to see (and drink) in this city, you’ll be booking your second visit before you even check out of the hotel.

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Why Visit Savannah?

As one of the smaller cities in the U.SSavannah typically has fewer crowds than more congested destinations like New York City and San Francisco. Since it’s smaller in area, it’s a less daunting vacation spot overall: you’ll have an easier time exploring multiple neighborhoods and attractions, even if you’re only there for a few days.

While Savannah may be smaller in size, it’s brimming with unique culture and hundreds of years of history. It also happens to be a gorgeous place to visit, with stunning historic homes and architecture, plenty of green space, and riverfront views.

You can also count on sunshine and mild temperatures most months out of the year. So whether you’re looking for museums and history or outdoor activities, Savannah should be at the top of your list in 2022.

Historic Sites in Savannah, GA

If you’re into architecture, then you’ll love strolling around the homes of the Historic district. This is a part of the city unlike any other, where many buildings date back hundreds of years. You’ll be transported to a different era whether you choose to partake in one of the many house tours, or walk the streets at your own leisure.

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is another popular historic attraction. One of the oldest churches in Georgia, you’ll be enthralled by the fairytale look of the building and the ornate stained glass windows.

Be sure to also gaze up at The First African Baptist Church, which is a historic Black church that was built in the 1700’s.

If you have any interest in seeing gravestones that are centuries old, you’ll have your pick of historic cemeteries to visit. Take a cemetery tour to make sure you stop by the most notable headstones.

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Best Bars in Savannah, GA

After a full day of site-seeing, you’ll be ready to let loose a little for cocktail hour. We’ve collected some of the best bars in and around the Historic District.

Kick off your night with a visit to Edgar’s Proof & Provision, a swanky cocktail bar nestled inside the DeSoto Hotel. Enjoy craft cocktails and bites in a distinctly Southern atmosphere; many of the ingredients are seasonal and locally sourced.

Next, order a “Surly Bartender” at The Wayward. This only-in-Savannah bar serves up quirky drinks with a dash of punk-rock attitude, and it’s unlike any other bar or restaurant you’ll visit.

Beer-drinkers, we haven’t forgotten about you. If you still have a little time before your dinner reservation, swing by New Realm Distillery for locally-brewed drinks. You’ll meet as many locals as tourists in this well-loved brew house, and you’ll enjoy the ambiance of this classic southern building.

If you’ve still got a little energy after dinner, make a pitstop at 22 Square Bar for late-night drinks. Found inside the Andaz hotel, you’ll order unique, locally-inspired drinks from mixologists who are masters of their craft.

If you need to catch a game or get your sports bar fix, grab a drink from Dub’s, A Public House. This homey bar has plenty of TVs, but retains their distinctive, Southern atmosphere.

If you’re brave, make sure to stop at Pour Larry’s. This is one of Savannah’s most loved bars, and it’s reportedly haunted.

Throw back a pickle shot at PS Tavern, where everyone feels like they’re right at home. This neighborhood joint is located in the heart of the Historic district, and offers a full array of comfort food and drinks.

If you’re on a haunted kick, don’t forget about Tondee’s Tavern. Another classic, old South building, at Tondee’s you can find refreshing beverages, a full menu of Southern classics and burgers, and maybe even a ghost from years past.