Are you getting married in Savannah but stressing out about what to do for your Bachelorette Party? Well, you’ve come to the right place. There’s something for every type of bridal party here. We’ve taken the liberty to narrow down the choices based on your personality type:

The Party Girls
The History Buffs
The Foodies
The Active Ones
The Introverts

Celtic Halloween

The Party Girls

Have you seen the wild and crazy bachelorette parties in the movies and want to be included in the fun? Savannah is it! This hotspot will not only entertain you and your girls, it’ll make it hard to remember, but in the best way possible.

Rooftop Bars: Downtown and the River District are great if you want to have cocktails with a view. Places like The Grove or the Perry Lane rooftop bar or Bar Julian are more classy, while Electric Moon has more of a party vibe. I mean, there’s a slide for goodness sake!

Pub Crawls: If you want a night of drinking plus the ability to learn all about the many stranglings that happened in and around Savannah, hit up the Strangled, Not Stirred pub crawl. You’ll end the night satisfying that true crime itch.

Drag Shows: There’s no better party environment than that of a drag show. The positive energy that always radiates off the performers and audience will put any bridal party in a great mood! Make sure to bring some cash for tips.

Club One on the corner of Jefferson and West Bay streets is a popular choice for those so inclined.

St. Patrick’s Day Events: Savannah is known for how hard it goes during St. Patrick’s Day. So, if your big day is near this holiday, get some pre-gaming done at Stafford’s Public House, hit up the parade, and enjoy some green alcoholic beverages.

Comedy Shows: Want to laugh the night away? Head over to Savannah Comedy Revue or the Front Porch Improv for some of the city’s best comedy!

Celtic Halloween

The History Buffs

Are you obsessed with learning? Trying to cram as much knowledge into that brain in hopes of being the next Jeopardy! champion? Then you’ve come to party in the right place. You and your bride tribe will find a plethora of hidden gems to keep your mind stimulated.

Museums: Savannah is full of history, so there’s no shortage of museums. Whether you’re curious about its military past (check out Fort Jackson for a great presentation!) or into modern art (Telfair Academy is where it’s at) or even want to gain insight on the civil rights movement in Savannah (check out the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum), history is around every corner.

Pub Crawls: These aren’t just for getting drunk. You can, in fact, learn something on these pub crawls!

Revelry in Savannah is designed to indulge your mind as well as your taste buds. Join with an open mind and a curious palate, and we’ll give you an experience you’ll never forget.

Try either the Generals and Generalities Tour for lesser-known stories of the Civil War or the Midnight in the Garden Pub Crawl for an interactive story of the famous killing featured in the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Ghost Coast Distillery: Hit this destination up if you want to take a class to learn how to make exclusive cocktails. They also offer a tour of the distillery for those inquisitive minds who want to know more about the unique history of Savannah’s drinks and revelry.

Ghost Tours: Want to amp up the scary? Savannah is your ideal destination for all things haunted. Regarded as the most haunted place in America, the town offers a variety of creepy tours for all ages, including Beyond Good and Evil, the adult-only tour of Savannah’s seedy past, and The Grave Tales, a family-friendly tour exploring the city’s spooky history.

If you and your besties are brave, there are also a plethora of haunted houses, one of which lets you spend the night. The Sorrel Weed House, featured everywhere from the History Channel to Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime, may be one of the spookiest locations in town.

Architecture: If you already have a whole day planned, take a moment in between events and just look up at all the gorgeous buildings throughout the city, specifically in the Historic District. A lot of Savannah was preserved after the Civil War, as the city was too poor to reconstruct, so now we’re blessed with some of the oldest, most beautiful structures.

Celtic Halloween

The Foodies

Hungry but have standards? Girl, same. That’s why I’ve taken the liberty to compile the must-eats of Savannah. Don’t worry, there are a few great drink ideas, too! It is a bachelorette party after all.

Luxury Picnic in the Park: Savannah is a beautiful city. That’s no secret. But what might be a secret is the fact that you can hire Savannah Picnic Company for all your luxury picnic needs!

With plush pillows, fresh flowers, and of course delicious food, you just pick the park and enjoy the outdoors with your girl gang.

Brunch Date: Brunch is an iconic part of any Bachelorette Party weekend. With plenty of options, from the PB&J wings from Treylor Park to the extensive brunch cocktail list at B. Matthews, you’ll wish you had more mornings to try them all!

Leopold’s: You can’t take a trip to Savannah without trying at least one flavor of ice cream from Leopold’s! Having been around for over a century, you know this place is good. Swing on by and try the Savannah Socialite or maybe the Lemon Custard. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Food Trucks Galore: Are you into high-end taste but don’t have a high-end budget? Head over to Starland Yard to enjoy their always-changing assortment of food trucks. From Puerto Rican to British to Southern barbecue, you’ll never be bored by the choices. Starland Yard also has a full bar and fun games to play for all ages. It’s perfect for a relaxing evening with friends.

Pumpkin Patch: If you’re lucky enough to get married in the autumn, head over to the Madrac Farms pumpkin patch for a few hours of fun and picking out pumpkins. Then head back to one of the many scenic AirBnBs in the area and bake homemade pumpkin desserts or pumpkin seeds!

Celtic Halloween

The Active Ones

Do you like to stay moving? Have a step count you’re trying to hit? Well, we know what you could do for your bachelorette party. Run, don’t walk, to these amazing ideas that will keep you and your girlies active while still having a ton of fun!

Sporting Events: When thinking of Savannah, you might not think of sports since we don’t have any professional teams. But we do have some hidden gems. The newly-formed ECHL hockey team, the Ghost Pirates, will debut their first game in October of 2022.

If you’re more into a slower-paced game or can’t wait until October, the Savannah Bananas baseball team has something for everybody, even your non-sporty friends. With goofy halftime shows, dancing first base coach, and the revered Savannah Nanas, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the field.

Pole Dancing Classes: Do you want all the fun of a strip club but where you’re the shining star? Head over to Savannah Cirque and put your body to the test with a Pole Party! You’ll leave feeling sexy and strong and probably out of breath, but it’s a unique way to connect with your best girlfriends! They also have other group fitness classes if pole dancing isn’t your cup of tea.

Golf: With over 20 beautiful golf courses within Savannah’s city limits alone, there’s no better place to get a ruin your handicap than here! Whether you just want to play 9 or a full 18, Savannah’s got you covered. Oh - and we won’t tell anyone about that little foot wedge in the rough on #7 if you don’t.

Beach Day: You can’t visit Savannah without hitting up Tybee Beach! Whether it’s to swim with the fish, play a little beach volleyball, or go for a long walk seaside at sunset, Tybee has it all. There’ll be something for you to stay active here.

Walk the Squares: Maybe you have plans for the evening, but you want to get some steps in beforehand. Then we suggest taking the time to walk the 22 stunning squares. Not only will you feel the burn from the workout, but you’ll also learn a lot while admiring the city’s best features.

Celtic Halloween

The Introverts

Are you happier inside cuddled up by a fire with a good book or movie rather than partying the night away? Want a quieter way to celebrate your big day? Then we have the perfect list for you and your introverted gals!

Movie Night In: Savannah has a ton of incredible hotels perfect for a pajama party and movie night. Choose from River Street to the Historic District to Tybee, there’s no one right answer!

Coffee Shop Hopping: Who needs alcohol to have a good time when there are so many amazing local coffee shops here? The ones you just have to try are Gallery Espresso, The Blue Door Coffee and Waffles, Savannah Coffee Roasters, and Foxy Loxy. With all these delicious options, you might have to go decaf for a few so you can sleep at night.

Cooking Classes: You and your friends could try your hand at the culinary arts over at the Mansion on Forsyth Park. We dare you to try something new and conquer the kitchen for your bachelorette party!

Spa Day: Maybe you’re in need of some relaxation after all that wedding planning. Try one of the many spas in Savannah to massage the worries away. Or get a facial to make sure you’re positively glowing for your big day!

Paint & Sip Parties: A way to get a little tipsy while interacting with your creative side is to try one of the painting studio’s paint and sip parties. You get to enjoy some wine and make a piece of art to commemorate this special day.

Whatever you and your bachelorette party are into, Savannah is not short of options. The only problem is you’ll want your party to last a week to explore all the city has to offer!

Whether you’re looking for a lazy day or a night that somehow turned into the morning, make sure to find what works for you and have fun. And maybe even hire a photographer to remember it all!