Nashville has gained quite the reputation of being the Bachelorette Party location in America. It has even been nicknamed NashVegas and potentially could be a bigger hotspot for parties like this than Las Vegas itself.

But don’t let that type of notoriety scare you off from choosing this destination.

Whether you’re getting married in the Nashville area, or you want to go on a honky tonk getaway with your best girlfriends, here are some ideas for a rocking Bachelorette Party for every type of bride-to-be:

Pleasure Seekers
Relaxed Brides
Music Lovers
Girlie Girls

The Pleasure Seekers

Look. Nashville isn’t called NashVegas for no reason. This is the place to get down and party hard. And there’s no better time to do just that than for your Bachelorette Party.

But, if you’re not quite sure where to start looking, we’ve got you covered.

The Big Drag Bus Tour: This is one of the city’s most unique tour experiences for many reasons. Their catchphrase is Lip Synchin’ and Day Drinkin’ and calls for a 90-minute one-of-a-kind trip filled with Drag Queens, laughs, performances, and games. And everyone is welcome!

Pinewood Social: If you're looking for fun, you’ve found the right place. Not only is Pinewood Social a great spot for delicious food and endless drink possibilities, but they also have a bowling alley! Yeah, you heard that right. A bowling alley. Make sure to reserve a few lanes if you and your ladies want to compete for the check.

Charter a Pontoon: For a great time on the water, getting a pontoon is the thing to do. Party pontoons are very popular, especially if you wanna escape the city and catch some rays while sipping a cocktail or two (but remember, most companies will kick you off if you don’t drink responsibly). Grab a suit, your favorite sunnies, and saunter on board for a fun afternoon!

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Male Reviews: This is for the women who are into a more risque bachelorette party. Head to the Music City Male Revue or Music City Gents to see some shirtless cowboys and abs galore. We can’t say too much more, but if this is your cup of tea, let’s just say you won’t be disappointed.

Dance Classes: Take a group dance class with your besties while you’re in town. And we don’t mean ballet or tap. No, no, no. Nashville has many out-of-the-box dance classes for bachelorette parties, including pole dancing and line dancing! That way, no matter what comfort level y’all are at, there’s still something you can boogie down to.

Burlesque Shows: Are you looking for something a little different? Head down to Skull’s Rainbow Room at 11 pm Friday or Saturday for a Burlesque show! Since 1948, this stage has held performers like Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, Paul McCartney, Johnny Cash, and Andy Griffith (not all for Burlesque, although that’d be a show I wouldn’t want to miss), and it continues to host world-class talent today. It’s worth the hype for sure.

Unique Restaurants and Bars: Nashville doesn’t play around with its food or alcohol. If you’re interested in a 4-story prohibition-themed bar with plenty of dancing space, The Valentine is where to go.

For a cool vibe, bottomless brunch, and rare whiskeys, hit up Sinema.

Or, if you’ve partied the weekend away and are in major need of a hangover cure, go to Burger Up and always upgrade to the truffle fries!

Relaxed Brides

Nashville can be a daunting city, with all the sights and sounds. It can definitely be a sensory overload. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t host your bachelorette party here!

If you’re a more relaxed bride, here are some options that will still ensure you have a wonderful time with your best gals.

Arrington Vineyards: Are you searching for an elegant escape before your wedding day? Arrington Vineyards, which is just 25 miles from Nashville, is a stunning location with great wine tastings. But if you want to elevate the experience even more, rent one of the rooms or lofts for a more intimate feel.

Candle Pouring Workshop: This is a truly unique idea for your bachelorette party. At Paddywax Candle Bar, you and your friends can customize your own candles with fragrances and vessels that represent you!

After creating your own signature candle, you can order a small batch of it for your wedding, either as decoration or to hand out as favors to your guests! Did we mention that this place also allows you to BYOB during this extravaganza?

Visit the Oil Bar: If you’re in the market for a bougie facial oil to prep you and your girls for your wedding day, head to the Lemon Laine Oil Bar in East Nashville. Here, you will sip on complimentary drinks while the in-house specialists formulate the perfect facial oil that matches each person’s individual skincare goals.

They also sell clean makeup and wellness supplements.

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Massage Party: Everyone needs to relax. And what better way to do so than to get a massage! A couple of places in Nashville offer options for bachelorette parties, such as Soothe and Urban Oasis Day Spa. They also offer other services like mani/pedis, facials, etc. So, choose your perfect spa getaway and enjoy spending time with your friends.

Chill Eateries: Everyone’s gotta eat, especially on your bachelorette party weekend! Here are some places you might want to try out.

Las Paletas is a cute little shop with homemade popsicles of all flavors, including avocado and tamarind with chili for the adventurous taste buds.

Prince’s Hot Chicken is where to go to try the original Nashville hot chicken everyone can’t get enough of.

And Frothy Monkey is a cozy little coffee shop in 12 South, with great breakfast options and even better espresso.

Music Lovers

If you’re in Nashville, you likely love country music. And how could you not? It’s so comforting and perfect for swinging your partner round and round. If music’s what you want, then music’s what you’re gonna get with these bachelorette party ideas.

Grand Ole Opry: This is an oldie but a goodie. And a Nashville staple. If you can, book tickets to see this show, as it has been running since 1925. In fact, it’s the US’s longest-running radio broadcast in history. How about that?

Music Classes: Are you interested in learning how to play the fiddle? Or maybe you have always wanted to write a song? If this is the case, take a class at the Country Music Hall of Fame! Of course, you can also tour this museum, as there are ever-changing exhibits.

Karaoke: Do you and your ladies have a go-to song you love to sing at any and every karaoke night? Great! There are plenty of places to do just that!

But, if you’re interested in a more unique karaoke experience, head over to Santa’s Pub, a Christmas-themed karaoke bar that you should be dying to check out. But just remember, no beer, no cussin’, and no cigarettes on Santa’s stage!

Music and Moonshine Tour: If you want to learn about some of your favorite country musicians who played and lived in the Nashville area, this is the tour for you. Plus, with many stops to pick up some delectable area-original drinks, nothing can go wrong!

See a Show at the Ryman Auditorium: If you can’t get into the Grand Ole Opry, or maybe your favorite band isn’t playing there, head to the Ryman Auditorium, open since 1892, to see an unbelievable show of your choosing! And fun fact, this is where the Opry was housed from 1943-1974.

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Funky Food Stops: You’ll never run short of music-centric bars and restaurants in Nashville. In fact, most of them have live music playing year-round.

But some of the more funky stops are Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, with its multiple floors and grand rooftop bar (and you can rent all or one of the floors for a private party if you wish), and The Listening Room Cafe, a music venue that’s more than just its music: it has amazing food, too! All of it’s locally sourced, giving it a uniquely Nashville flavor.

The Academics

Some people want to learn about the place they’re partying in. If that’s your thing, there is lots of history in Nashville. Here are a few things your girl gang could do to add a more academic twist to your bachelorette party.

Ghost Tours: Just because it’s spooky doesn’t mean you won’t learn anything new! Try out any of Ghost City’s spooky walking tours to feed that knowledge side of your brain.

Their flagship tour, The Ghosts of Nashville, has lots of history of the city itself but also all the locations you’re going to hit up, as history is a vital component of any good ghost story. Or, you can try Nashville’s #1 Haunted Pub Crawl, Seeking Spirits Haunted Pub Crawl.

You’ll be shocked by some of the events which happened in these pubs that create paranormal hotspots.

Or if true crime is more your cup of tea, check out the Murder in Music City tour, where you’ll be told of the city’s most notorious crimes and the ghosts left behind. There is one non-ghost true crime tour called [INSERT TOUR NAME HERE], but even that can get a little creepy.

The Zoo: Go to the zoo! There’s such a variety of animals and facts to learn about them at the Nashville Zoo. It isn’t the city’s number one attraction for no reason! I mean, who doesn’t love seeing all those furry friends and reptilian creatures?

Art Museums and Galleries: Are you more artistic? Do you enjoy some of the finer things in life? Check out one of the many art museums and galleries in Nashville! Tinney Contemporary, 21C Museum Hotel, and Lequire Gallery & Studio are just a few of the options.

The Parthenon: Did you know that Nashville has a full-scale reproduction of the famous Greek temple, the Parthenon? It’s true! Check it out, because inside is the tallest indoor sculpture in the Western world.

Historical Places to Eat and Drink: Not only are there lots of places to learn about the history of Nashville, but there are a lot of places to eat and drink that have been around for years. Just being in these buildings will bring you back in time.

Try Acme Feed & Seed, a 3-story restaurant and music venue that’s been around since 1890 and has been everything from a grocery store, a baking powder company, a wholesale drug company, and now an eatery.

Or, you can head to Nelson’s Green Briar Distillery, a pre-Prohibition historic distillery!

Or maybe you want something a little spendier and intimate. If that’s the case, go to the speakeasy-style bar Patterson House! You just can’t go wrong here.

The Girlie Girls

Are you and your besties into the more traditionally girly things? Do you like getting dolled up and going shopping and taking cute pics with each other? Then this list is for you!

Mani/Pedis: To start your bachelorette party weekend, you need to look your best! Head over to Poppy and Monroe for a little mani/pedi date with your girls! Or get facials, brow/lash treatments, or even have your makeup done here. The possibilities are endless!

Shopping on 12 South: 12 South is a neighborhood in Nashville known for its cute little local shops. It’s also super family-friendly if you have to include some little ones on your bachelorette adventure. Make sure to keep an eye out for the many beautiful murals in the area for Insta-worthy pics!

Celtic Halloween

More Murals: If 12 South didn’t exceed your picturesque opportunities limit, head over to The Gulch neighborhood for many more murals. Some include the Candy Hearts Mural and the Carter Vintage Guitars.

Spa Day: Devote your entire day to relaxation. Head to Rose at the Joseph, Escape Day Spa, or Holiday Salon and Bathhouse for different options catered toward what you and your crew look for in a spa day!

Virago: A girl’s gotta eat, right? We would suggest making your way to Virago. This is a higher-end, bougie sushi place. But don’t y’all deserve the best? It’s been voted Best Sushi, Best Sushi Bar/Japanese Restaurant, and Nashville’s Best Sushi in many publications. Definitely worth the splurge.

So, no matter your personality or what you're into, Nashville can be your one-stop Bachelorette Party shop, with anything your heart desires. Just don’t forget to come back, now, you hear?

P.S.: Congratulations!