Austin, Texas is one of the most beautiful, entertaining, and proudly quirky places in the U.S.

And whether you’re planning out a bachelor party, couples getaway, or a retirement celebration, there are plenty of unique - and booze-filled - ways to see the sights.

We collected a few of the most unique experiences you can book when you visit Austin, and combined it witha list of must-drink cocktails, best bars, and what to expect in an Austin Cocktail Tour.

So stir up an Old Fashioned and browse the list. By the time you’re done, you’ll get why this is one of our favorite cities on Earth.

Why Take a Tour in Austin?

The history of Austin, TX is actually just as fascinatingly weird as the present. But why read about it on your phone when you could hear it from a local, and drink some classic cocktails at the same time?

Austin tours are popular with visitors and locals alike. Vibrant, enthusiastic tour guides will share their love of the city, and help you take a deep-dive into the historic characters that made this city what it is today.

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Cocktail Tours in Austin

Of course, there’s only one way to make sure you sip all the most unique cocktails this city has to offer: take a cocktail tour.

Not surprisingly, Austin is full of cocktail and beer tours. The city just has perpetually festive air; maybe it’s from the droves of group trips and party-goers who choose Austina as the ideal destination for a group trip. It’s also home to concerts, events, and of course, the famous SXSW.

Not to mention, the warmer temps certainly help drive people into air conditioned bars and speakeasies.

When you’re choosing a cocktail tour, be selective. Choose a tour company that’s earned rave reviews, so you can be sure to enjoy a memorable experience; after all, this should be a highlight of your trip, not just a two-hour amble through the city. And if you’re looking for something specific, you can always contact the tour company to set up a private tour experience.

Revelry Tours has researched the most legendary and unique cocktails that Austin has to offer. (It was a tough job, but someone had to do it). We guide visitors through iconic cocktail bars as we tell the weird and fascinating stories that make up the history of Austin. Hear about the bizarre characters who made Austin what it is today in our one and only Lost Legends of Texas cocktail tour. We take pride in hiring and cultivating the most animated, curious, and deeply passionate tour guides. You’ll learn all about Austin, from someone who truly loves their city and is proud to do their part in keeping Austin weird.

Buy your tickets to reserve your spot. It’s an experience you won’t forget, in a city that will stay in your heart well after your last sip of that Old Fashioned.

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Our Favorite Uniquely Austin Drinks

Whatever you’re planning to do in Austin, you can probably bring a beer with you. Or, a fancy schmancy cocktail of your choice.

The best kind of Austin city tour is one where you can order a fine cocktail, and carry it with you to the next stop.

And we believe when you’re in a new city, you should make an effort to do as the locals do - and drink as the locals drink. Here are some of the adult beverages you can find in Austin (and maybe nowhere else). Pecan Porter from (512) Brewing Co.: Kick off your Austin trip with a beer from one of the most iconic Austin breweries.
Sun Shovel from Austin Beerworks: this hoppy wheat beer is available on tap or in a convenient to-go can.
Shiso Rona from The Roosevelt Room: a classic house drink from one of the most iconic cocktail bars in the city (made with Tito’s vodka, of course)
Halfmoon Bay from DrinkWell: try this elaborate cocktail made with a Japanese whiskey. As a bonus, you can even order it from their website and pick it up curbside.
Floradora from Half Step: combining gin, raspberry and a splash of lime, this cocktail is as fun to drink as it is to say.
Burros’ Kick from Rules & Regs: Kombucha lovers will seek out this unique cocktail, which they can enjoy along with a 7th floor view of the city.
Pearl Diver at Tiki-tatsuya: enjoy the tropical flavors of this rum-based drink that you probably won’t be able to find in your hometown.
Naughty Nugget at Lala’s Little Nugget: no matter what time of year you’re visiting, this bar will feel like Christmas. Enjoy the twinkling lights even more as you sip a cocktail that’s spiced with jalapeno.
Paper Plane at Dumont’s Down Low: You’ll feel like you’re back in the year 1910 as you take in the unique vibe of this beloved bar.
Batini at the Driskell Hotel Bar: only in Austin could you drink a bat-themed drink. And if you’re going to order it, it may as well be in the Best Bar in Austin (yes, it’s official!).

It’s a long list, we know. You can tackle it yourself, or enjoy the highlights on a walking Cocktail Tour.

Why is Austin So Weird, Anyway?

The city of Austin, TX is known for its odd-ball bars and rock ‘n roll attitude. So let’s start off with the most obvious question: what is it about Austin, specifically, that attracts so much weirdness?

There’s no single reason. It might be partly because the city is home to one of the largest colleges in the country: University of Texas at Austin. So it’s possible that the younger, liberal student population helped to shape the city’s off-beat vibe.

However it started, the weird just keeps getting weirder. As Austin became more notorious for its unique energy, it attracted more artists, musicians, and renegades from all walks of life who just felt at home.

Other Weird Things To Do in Austin, Texas

The city of Austin is full of quirky tours, expeditions and experiences. So if you’re looking for a vacation that ventures just outside the ordinary, you’re looking in the right spot.

Here are just a few of the unusual activities you can do in Austin (and maybe nowhere else):
Attend a tech/music/education conference that can’t really be defined. (Yes, we mean SXSW).
Swim in a natural spring (topless). Austin welcomes you to swim or kayak your way through Barton Springs. Some even choose to shed an extra layer, and the locals are totally fine with that.
Go from honky tonk to metal. Austin is home to musicians of all genres, and if it’s on Spotify, you can probably find a bar devoted to it.
Check out bats. Yes: actual, live bats. Austin is home to a very large bat population, and it’s something locals have become very proud of.
Sneak into a speakeasy. Well … you don’t actually have to sneak in, but Austin is home to a number of hidden bars that require passwords or someone who’s in-the-know in order to gain access.
Eat a taco at any hour of day or night. This town is crazy about their tacos, and you’ll find plenty of restaurants and bars that have put their own spin on the snack with unexpected ingredients and garnishes.

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