Getting married in Austin, Texas but are too wiped to make any more decisions after months of wedding planning? We got you covered! No matter what you’re into, we have a list compiled perfectly to your unique tastes.

First, pick your vibe:

The Hungry Gals
The Night Lifers
The Exercise Junkies
The Brainiacs
The Quirky Queens
The Low Key Babes
The High End Honeys

Next, narrow down the options based on your selection.

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The Hungry Gals

If all you think about is food, Austin’s not a bad place to be. Fuel up on some amazing cuisine from around the world in one city.

Cheap Finds: If you have bougie taste buds but you don’t want to spend that kind of cash, there are some wonderful places you can hit up.

Home Slice Pizza is home to the best slice in Austin. Hopdoddy Burger Bar is not only wallet-friendly, but they’re also eco-friendly. Nickel City has hardcore dive bar vibes and delicious pizza logs! Broken Spoke provides tasty bites and is one of the last true Texas dance halls with live music.

Must-Sees: Austin is home to some of the most eye-pleasing eateries. Find your aesthetic and go from there.

Eberly is basically a library-meets-solarium with a great brunch menu. Launderette is a retro-chic converted laundromat that you have to see to believe.

Josephine House is a bungalow-turned-restaurant too cute and quaint to ignore with to-die-for lemon ricotta pancakes. Wonder Bar is perfect for those who want to spice up their social media feed by being the most Instagrammable bar ever.

Food Trucks: The food truck scene is huge in the area. We have a couple of recommendations.

The Happy Grilled Cheese is for the kids at heart who have refined their palette… a little. The Churro Co is for those who have a sweet tooth and want homemade authentic Mexican churros. Spicy Boys Fried Chicken is a Pan-Asian experience like no other. I mean, how do you get that much flavor out of a truck? Patrizi’s Italian is a fancy take on the experience of eating out of a food truck, with made-from-scratch pasta and everything!

Unique Places: These are the restaurants and bars that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Culinary Dropout is known for its decadent brunch, which you can’t have a bachelorette party weekend without a brunch date! Midnight Cowboy is the secret speakeasy you have to try - if you can find it.

Loro is a really interesting Asian smokehouse that combines Asian and Texan flavors for a truly unique experience. Wanderlust Wine Co is a self-serve wine-on-tap winery. Not only is the wine premium, having it on tap reduces the carbon footprint of traditional bottled wine usage, so you can feel good while you drink!

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The Night Lifers

Are you a night owl instead of an early bird? Do you want a lot of carefree fun? Check out these options for those girls who want to party the night away!

Concerts: There are lots of live music venues. But some go over the top and have legitimate concerts. Mohawk with its indoor and outdoor stages and Stubb’s Barbecue with its rich history and delicious food are some of the top locations for this type of fun!

Karaoke: If you’re in the mood to sing your go-to anthems with your besties hyping you up, The Highball is the place for this. With seven karaoke rooms all with different themes, you can live out even your craziest popstar fantasy.

Party Boats: Head over to Lake Travis and get yourself on a party boat. Equipped with a captain, slides, and plenty of places to lounge, there’s no room for stress on deck! If you want to up the ante, try an ATX Disco Cruise, which comes with lots of floaties, fresh fruit mimosas, a pro photographer, and a funky DJ. Pick your poison and enjoy the water!

Stay Downtown and Bar Hop: An easy option if you’re not the planning type is to stay at one of the many downtown Austin hotels or a high-rise AirBnB then go out and bar hop on Sixth Street or Rainey Street! With great places like Half Step, Craft Pride, The Driskill Bar, and Firehouse Lounge & Hostel, they leave you with new experiences with every door you open.

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The Exercise Junkies

If you’re looking to feel the burn before your wedding day, here is a list for the more active bachelorette and her friends.

Aerial Arts: I’m sorry, what? Yes, you read that right. Sky Candy offers private aerial, bungee, burlesque, and pole lessons for your bachelorette party. Every single body is welcome and capable of breaking a sweat in one of these classes.

Dance Clubs: You want to drink and dance without a care in the world? Hit up Barbarella Dance Club. This vibrant and diverse atmosphere has actual taste when it comes to the music they play, no recycled radio tunes. So, you won’t get bored even if you recycle dance moves.

Swimming: If you crave the water, there are plenty of lakes and pools with your name on them. Barton Springs is a hotspot for people, so it can be a little busy, but it’s gorgeous. Deep Eddy Pool is a less crowded option (normally) than Barton Springs. It’s also the oldest swimming pool in all of Texas. If you’re feeling risque, try Hippie Hollow, the clothing-optional park.

Exercise Classes: Want a group session where you and your friends can work out together? Some fun options include spin classes or even goat yoga! Whatever your cup of tea, Austin is sure to have the flavor.

Mount Bonnell: As one of the highest points in Austin at over 750 feet, don’t be intimidated by Mount Bonnell. Take this scenic hike and enjoy the view and maybe even the sunset from the top. It’ll be worth every step.

Rent Water Equipment: Another great way to enjoy the water in Austin is by renting kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddleboards. The Texas Rowing Center has all of these in abundance (400+ paddle boards!?!) so that no matter the size of your party, everyone will be able to enjoy Lady Bird Lake together.

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The Brainiacs

Hey smarty pants! You want to flex those brain muscles with your bride tribe? Well I’ve got some fun activities Austin has to offer for you.

Pub Crawls: Who says you can’t learn something while getting buzzed at some of your favorite bars?

Revelry Tours takes you to the best spots in town to sample some of the city’s legendary cocktails - with a side of interesting history.

Two great pub crawls are Lost Legends of Texas Cocktail Tour, where you’ll learn the unfortunate, weird, and downright mad history of the Lone Star state, and It’s Better on Top Pub Crawl, where the grisliest killing of the city will be revealed to you while you enjoy rooftop views and high-end drinks.

Wonderspaces: If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, hit up this interactive art exhibit. With ever-changing artwork, you’ll get something new every time you go. Our advice? Give yourself over an hour to fully immerse yourself in the show.

Still Austin Whiskey Co.: Taste true Texas-made whiskey. This is one of the only whiskey distilleries in the state that sources its grain from local farmers and ages the product here. Want to learn more about the process and how they do it, schedule a tour!

Museums: Need a few hours to wander around and learn at your own pace? Museums are great for that. Whether you’re into Mexican, Latino, and Latin American art and want to hit up Mexic-Arte Museum or you want to know more about the great state of Texas at the Bullock Texas State History Museum, there’s no wrong answer.

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The Quirky Queens

They say to keep Austin weird. If you’re one of those who wants to embrace some of the weirdness of Austin, we have some off-the-wall options for a bachelorette party you might not have thought were possibilities before.

Ax Throwing: Want a fun outing with a competitive twist? Check out Urban Axes to put your muscles to the test against your best friends. Getting out any aggression from dealing with hard-to-please relatives is an added bonus!

Cute Nail Studio: Do you love bright colors, crazy art, and a general aura of positivity? Make your way to the Cute Nail Studio for an experience you can’t have anywhere else. This self-proclaimed mermaid-owned and inclusive rainbow cult doesn’t just do nail art. They also offer tooth gems, body hair dyeing, and tiny tattoos if your bridesmaids are brave enough to get matching ones!

Inner Space Cavern: Did it unexpectedly rain and now you’re strapped for what to do? Or are you just craving an unfamiliar encounter with prehistoric animal bones and cool formations? Go to the Inner Space Cavern, one of the best-preserved caves in all of Texas. You’ll also learn quite a bit about its history and discovery while you explore.

Arcades: If you’re a lover of old-school fun, the arcade game in Austin is unmatched. With top-notch places like Pinballz, a vintage arcade with delicious food and drinks, and Cidercade, the place to go if you want to spend $10 for unlimited gaming, it’s impossible to run out of stuff to do.

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The Low Key Babes

If you want to have fun on the DL, not to worry. Avoid the crowds and try these bachelorette party ideas for your introverted or low-stress friends.

Art Party: Make your way to Cafe Monet to enjoy art-making in this inspirational environment. Whatever your artistic intentions, whether it’s to paint your own pottery or create mosaics or even take watercolor lessons, there are endless opportunities here.

Bowling: Bowling and burgers. What could be better? The fact that it’s totally affordable doesn’t hurt! Enjoy friendly competition and great music at Highland Lanes.

See a Movie: The Violet Crown in Austin is a new experience when it comes to watching movies. You can bring in delicious meals to enjoy as a movie and a show vibe. There’s also the possibility of renting out a theater for you and your best friends? With catering and a full bar? What could be more perfect?

Shopping: Austin is nothing if not overflowing with fun shops. If you want a laid-back day, hitting the streets and poking your heads into whatever catches your eye is the way to go. From vintage finds to authentic Western clothes to funky jewelry by indie designers, there’s gotta be something you like.

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The High End Honeys

Do you have expensive taste? Or do you just enjoy the finer things in life? Below are the bachelorette party ideas for the women who have high expectations and aren’t afraid to spend a little more on them.

Vintage Champagne Truck: Love Champagne but want something original? Rent the mobile Champagne and Sparkling Cocktail mini bar that runs out of a converted three-wheeled vintage delivery truck! With professional Champagne attendants and gorgeous photo opportunities, let the bubbles flow with your bougie babes with the help of Champagne Supply Co!

Spa Day: Hit up one of the many spas in Austin for a day of relaxation and comfort. Whether you’re in major need of a facial, a massage, or some time in the sauna to sweat out your anxieties, places like Viva Day Spa and milk + honey spa are just a few of the many that will treat you right before your big day.

Mani-Pedis: If you want you and your ladies to look gorgeous from hand to toe but are looking for a luxury experience, Lacquer is it. With healthier nail products and beautiful nail art, you will feel like a whole new person after your appointment.

Wine Tasting: If you’re on the search for a personalized tasting experience, The Austin Winery’s staff will be able to accomplish that for you and your girls. Private wine tastings include 4 half-glass pours, charcuterie snacks, and a better understanding of the winemaking process. Perfect for classy gals who also enjoy expanding their minds.

Ballet Austin: Live dance performances are a great setting for a shared experience like a bachelorette party! After a lovely dinner, head over to The Long Center to check out either classical ballet or contemporary dance. It’ll leave you with an ethereal feeling or craving a class yourself!

Now that you have your bachelorette party planned, there’s one step left: enjoy the heck out of your day/night! This should be one of the most memorable nights of your life, so don’t stress and just have fun. And congratulations!