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Ahoy there, mateys! Are you ready to embark on a swashbuckling adventure filled with rum, lost treasure, and pirates?

Then look no further than the Pirates and Privateers Pub Crawl in St. Augustine, Florida!

8 pm Nightly
2-Hour Tour

Ages 21 + Only

Starting Location:
Stogies at 36 Charlotte Street

Pub Crawl Description

Learn about St. Augustine's interesting history through the eyes of Piracy on the Pirates and Privateers Pub Crawl.

Did you know that St. Augustine was once a haven for pirates and privateers? On the Pirates and Privateers Pub Crawl, you'll hear tales of infamous pirates in St. Augustine like Blackbeard and Captain Kidd, all the while learning about St. Augustine's role in the Golden Age of Piracy in America.

What better way to explore that history than by stepping into the shoes of a pirate? The Pirates and Privateers Pub Crawl will take you on a fun and relazing tour through the city's historic streets, stopping at various pubs and bars along the way, each with its own unique pirate flair.

Speaking of bars and pubs, each location on the Pirates and Privateers Pub Crawl offers a variety of specialty cocktails and beers, all with a fun pirate twist. From rum punch to grog, you'll find something to quench your thirst while you are being entertained by the best Tour Guides in town.

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Starting Location

The Pirates and Privateers Pub Crawl meets at Stogies at 36 Charlotte Street, where you will meet your guide by the light post to the right of the entrance of the fire pit area. You can easily get here by walking from almost anywhere in historic St. Augustine. You can also use Uber or Lyft for less than $5.

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No Name Bar

The No Name Bar is a small and relaxing place in the Ancient City of St. Augustine. It has a common thread to a man, a pirate that was known to have no name, or at the very least multiple different names.

On this stop, you’ll learn about the man historians called Edward Thatch, who went by the bone chilling name Blackbeard. He plundered the east coast of North America, holding ships hostage and looting riches before meeting his end with his head on a pike


Casa Reina Taqueria ∓ Tequila

The Casa Reina Taqueria & Tequila is a wonderful little spot in St. Augustine. The bar’s name is Spanish for “Queen’s House” Although, St. Augustine had no queen when it was founded.

Here you’ll learn about how on the order of a queen, the entirety of St. Augustine burned to the ground, only after being sieged and looted. And the man responsible was one of England’s greatest explorers, Sir Francis Drake.


The Tini Martini Bar

The Tini Martini Bar is a newer addition to the century old Casablanca Inn. It is a tiny oasis of comfort in compassion to the rest of the bed and breakfast. There was a time where St. Augustine had its own little oasis inside the city limits.

On this stop, you’ll learn about Fort Moses, the former settlement just 13 minutes north of the bar that was once the first free black community in North America. And its leader was a free black soldier named Francisco Menéndez.

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