By Sierra Lawson

You did it! You finally booked your weekend (or week-long) getaway to one of the most remarkable and historical cities in the U.S.; Savannah, GA.

You’ve booked the flight. You know the places you want to check out when you touch down. You’ve booked the rental car.

But you almost forgot the most essential thing; Where the heck are you going to stay?!

We’ve got you covered here at Revelry because we know you won’t accept anything less than the best.

You want it all: luxury, views, and a classy experience steeped in the history of Savannah that you will never forget.

But don’t you dare call these buildings old - they’re vintage. The difference? One ages like milk in the July heat, and the other ages like the fond memories of your youth.

Let’s take a peek at HLC Hotels’ intricately selected list of the most unique, upscale, and historic hotels in Savannah that are bound to make your jaw drop.

The Marshall House

Location: 123 E Broughton Street

Broughton Street is a couple of blocks from River Street. Both River Street and Broughton Street are fantastic highlights for encapsulating the mix of the history and modernity of Savannah.

It’s all the city you need to do your shopping, sightseeing, and fine dining which will leave you hankering for more.


The building finished construction in 1851. It was built for a woman named Mary Marshall, who successfully predicted a rush of visitors as the railroad boom took hold across the South.

Not long after, it was used as a hospital for wounded Civil War soldiers. It also housed many people who fell victim to the Yellow Fever Epidemics in the mid-1800s.

So, needless to say, a lot of people died here. If you are into potentially haunted spaces, Marshall house is one of many places to stay in Savannah!

Cave Entrace
View from E. Broughton St., circa the late 1800s. (Spoiler: not much has changed)

The 68-room building sits dead smack in the middle of Savannah’s hot spot for entertainment. Leave the car at home; this is a walking town! Marshall House also has breakfast daily for a fee and nightly wine reception.

Connect Savannah voted Marshall House as Best Hotel in 2021, so you know you’ll love your stay.

Be Sure To Check Out:

Our Midnight in the Garden Pub Crawl walks through Broughton Street and gives you a healthy chunk of the history of the buildings on the street. Now’s a great time to take advantage of Sannah’s open-carry alcohol law; you can drink and walk as much as you like outdoors. Pretty cool, huh?

Eliza Thompson House

Location: 5 W. Jones Street

Jones Street is known for its unmatchable views and its convenient location. If you like taking long, quiet, and romantic walks with someone special, Eliza Thompson House is the place for you.


This structure was the first one built on Jones Street in 1847 and was the place to be for epic parties and gatherings for high society.

Many add-ons have been applied to the home’s original structure, including the carriage house and the front parlor. This house is also rumored to be haunted! It was featured in The South Magazine’s Savannah Paranormal Activity.

Cave Entrace
Photo from Wikimedia Commons: Elisa.rolle, C.C. 4.0
Property Details:

This adult-only, 25 room structure sits on the immaculate Jones Street, historically scenic and serene. In a few short minutes, you’ll be within walking distance of some of Savannah’s most prized museums.


The Eliza Thompson House serves gourmet breakfast, wine, hors d’oeuvres, desserts with coffee daily for a fee. It was also was voted by Trip Advisor as the #19 Most Romantic Hotel in 2021…just sayin’!

Be Sure To Check Out:

Clary’s Cafe is a deliciously historical stop for breakfast, just two blocks away from the Eliza Thompson House. Make sure you get there bright and early; Clary’s fills up fast!

The Kehoe House

Location: 123 Habersham Street

Kehoe is just off of Columbia Square and only one block away from the entertainment hub: Broughton Street. There is ample parking around this area if you get there early, and it is centered in a very scenic and bustling part of town.


Kehoe House was built in 1892 by William Kehoe - Irish immigrant and iron foundry owner. This becomes apparent when you notice the cast iron fencing and original windows to the property.

Property Details:

This quaint 13-room inn sits in the heart of Downtown Savannah. The building once served as a funeral parlor, a boarding house, and a private home for football star Joe Namath.

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Kehoe House, view from Habersham St.

Trip Advisor voted Kehoe House as the #1 Small Hotel in Savannah since 2016. During your stay, you’ll have the option of gourmet cooked to order breakfast, wine and hors d’oeuvres, coffee, and dessert.

Kehoe House is also a great place to get married. Were you planning on Eloping? The inn offers wedding packages that will chuck all of the wedding planner stress out the window. They also have private on-site parking.

Be Sure To Check Out:

Revelry has an amazing Strangled, Not Stirred True walking tour. You’re heading to River street anyway, so take a tour, grab a drink, and learn about why Savannah is considered the most haunted city in the U.S.

Olde Harbour Inn

Location: 580 E. Factor’s Walk
Cave Entrace
Image courtesy of Olde Harbour Inn

Olde Harbour Inn sits right over the incomparable River Street. Leave the car in the parking garage, because everything you could possibly need is within walking distance.

Hot bars, award-winning restaurants, and people of all ilks and walks of life are waiting to welcome you to The Hostess City.


This Inn was built in 1812, making it one of the oldest surviving Inns in Savannah. The building sits in what is known as Old Factor’s Walk, which was the original Cotton Exchange where cotton was bought, sold, and traded in the 19th century.

As with most buildings sandwiched between River Street and Factor’s Walk, it used to be a warehouse primarily used for storing cotton.

Property Details:

Olde Harbour was also once a storage space for Tide Water Oil Company, making it a prime fuel source for the Great Savannah Fire in 1892.


This 24isuite inn is both pet and kid-friendly! There will be complimentary wine and cheese upon reception and ice cream treats for later.

Be Sure To Check Out:

Revelry’s Generals and Generalities Tour is an excellent opportunity to learn about the part that Savannah played in the Civil War and offer an opportunity to learn about the cotton trade here in the city.

East Bay Inn

Location: 225 E. Bay Street

East Bay Inn is optimally located right across the street from the scenic, entertaining, and bustling River Street. Movie theaters, fine dining, dancing, historic homes, and museums are just a short stroll away from the front door.


After the land ownership changed hands over 90 years, East Bay Inn was built in 1852 by Edward Paddeford.

Property Details:

East Bay Inn has 28 boutique-style rooms with high ceilings and unique remnants of its historic charm. The interior cast-iron columns are original to the building.

The building also served as offices for cotton merchants and cotton warehouses in the 19th century. As with almost every other hotel in Savannah, it’s also rumored to be haunted.

Cave Entrace
Image courtesy of East Bay Inn

East Bay Inn is pet and kid-friendly! Grownups can receive complimentary wine and beer from local favorite Tandem Coffee and Spirits, and kiddos can enjoy desserts and candy at River Street Candy.

The inn received the Travelers Choice Award by TripAdvisor in 2021. They also have on-site parking.

Be Sure To Check Out:

Huey’s on the River is a fantastic restaurant on River Street for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s a very popular spot, so try to get there early or make a reservation if you can.

The Gastonian

Location: 220 E. Gaston Street

This adults-only bed-and-breakfast is centered in a very scenic and serene neighborhood. Friendly to walkers, drivers, and bikers alike, the locale is perfect for photography, meditating, or finding a bite to eat at some hot new restaurants.


The Gastonian is comprised of two adjacent mansions that are regency-Italianate style. Both began construction in 1868; one for insurance broker R. H. Footman, and the other for grocer Aaron Champion.

This Aaron Champion is the namesake and uncle to another Aaron Champion who first had the idea for an all-professional baseball team!

Cave Entrace
Photo courtesy of The Gastonian
Property Details:

This award-winning bed and breakfast offers gourmet-style breakfast cooked to order, as well as nightly wine and hors d’oeuvres. The property has a total of 15 rooms which include two large and historical suites.

It’s also a particularly picturesque location if you are someone who is really into gardens.


The Gastonian was voted the #9 most romantic hotel in Savannah by Trip Advisor in 2021. The property provides wedding/elopement services and also has on-site parking!

Be Sure To Check Out:

You have to go to Forsyth Park just two blocks away. The fountain, the walking trail, and not to mention that it’s the site of many Hollywood movies filmed in Savannah.

Wherever you decide on your trip, it’s bound to be epic. Whether you’re outdoorsy, more of a homebody, a supernatural enthusiast, looking for a romantic getaway, or just want some quiet time away with the family, there’s something for everyone here in Savannah.

Enjoy your stay, and come join us on one of our fantastic, informative tours!